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Boutique du Vin FAQs:

Boutique du Vin History:

La Boutique Du Vin was the first wine shop founded in Puerto Rico and since then its mission of providing variety, quality and service has always been kept. La Boutique Du Vin seeks to provide a unique experience where the visitor is transported to another place while enjoying the World of Fine Wine™.

La Boutique Du Vin has an incomparable selection of wines from around the world with over 1000 labels, 200 of which exclusive, and a knowledgeable staff to help you select the right choice for every occasion. Additionally, we have our Wine Club, where our “Socios” have privileged access to educational and private events, discounts and other unique benefits.

Plaza Cellars and La Boutique du Vin:

La Boutique du Vin and Plaza Cellars have, since their origins, been highly intertwined with mutual ideologies, missions and expectations of quality. We are proud to announce that in 2019 La Boutique du Vin officially joined the Plaza Cellars family and is the direct-to-consumer segment with tailored services to meet any and all wine lovers’ needs.

Contact Information

What is La Boutique du Vin’s Phone Number?

We can be reached by phone at (787)-250-0008

What is La Boutique du Vin’s Email Address?

We can be reached by email at

What is La Boutique du Vin’s Physical Address?

Feel free to visit us at 210 Chardon St., Suite 102, San Juan P.R. 00918

Technical Sheets

What are technical sheets?

Technical sheets are documents prepared by wineries to give more information about their products than is widely available on the web. As we believe wine education is key to properly enjoying our products, our mission is to present the technical sheets of each of our products within the product page.

Flavor Profiles

What are flavor profiles?

Flavor profiles are a new intuitive way to discover more about each wine, past its winery information and technical notes. Created by you and your peers, flavor profiles are a collection of "flavor tags" which are ordered by highest ranked in order to give a general perspective on what you could expect the wines to taste like.

Who can vote on flavor profiles?

We encourage all users to contribute to flavor profiles of products they have enjoyed helping to build a mutual understanding of the World of Fine Wine. In order to vote on flavor profiles, you must be logged into your account.

Delivery Information

Do we deliver?

At La Boutique du Vin, we deliver products straight to your door, wherever you may be in Puerto Rico.

How much is delivery from La Boutique du Vin?

Our delivery fee is $10 per order in Metro area and $15 per order island-wide, unless your order is of value above $200 for orders in the metro area or over $500 for island-wide, in which case the delivery is free.

How long does delivery take?

Deliveries will be realized as promptly as possible based on the availability of our delivery partners.

Return Policy

What is our return policy in La Boutique du Vin?

We accept returns of products purchased from La Boutique du Vin within 10 days of the date of purchase.

How can we go about processing a return?

To process a return, you can visit us in our store or send us an email (see contact information above). A Boutique du Vin team member will guide you through the process.

What do we need to process a return?

To process a return, you must have the original receipt (or order confirmation if purchased through the web).

Will my return be accepted?

We will not replace nor credit bottles of wine returned with damaged or stained labels from improper handling by the consumer. We urge you not to leave wines in your car nor exposed to heat at any point.

How will the return be processed?

Customers requesting a return will be given a store credit usable at any point.

We will not process a cash or credit card refund on purchases made with checks, cash, credit cards, ATH cards, or gift cards. EXCEPT: Defective products or those with labels that do not match the order information.

Returns of Private Collection Wines:

Wines from the Private Collection must be returned within 7 days of the date of purchase. To process a return, the bottle and cork must be brought to the store with the wine in it. We do not accept returns on bottles due to sediment, moist cork, or corks that have broken upon opening. Upon acceptance of the return, a store credit will be given amounting to the total amount of the purchased product.

Social Media Information

Where can I find La Boutique du Vin on Facebook?

We can be found on Facebook at:

Where can I find La Boutique du Vin on Instagram?

We can be found on Instagram at:

Gift Baskets

What is our gift basket service like in La Boutique du Vin?

At La Boutique du Vin we prepare custom gift baskets based on the customers’ budget and desired products. We tailor each gift basket to meet the customers' needs.

How can I order a gift basket?

To create a gift basket, add the desired products to your cart, and in your cart you will be presented with our variety of gift basket options. For more specific requests, please email us at